About Us

Farm Clearing Sales Pty Ltd provides a listing of Clearing Sales occurring predominantly in South Australia and expanding to other states, regardless of the listing agent. A complete listing of each clearing sale is provided, including photos of many of the items for sale.


Copyright of photos
All photos appearing on farmclearingsales.com.au become the property of Farm Clearing Sales Pty Ltd (herein after referred to as FCS). Reproduction or use of photos in any form is totally prohibited unless permission has been given by FCS.

General guidelines
Farm Clearing Sales Pty Ltd aims to advertise Second-hand Farming Plant and Machinery via the website farmclearingsales.com.au for clearing sale auctions, for private advertisers and for machinery dealers. Content of the site is intended to be related to these aims. FCS has the right to change these guidelines at any time without notice.

Involvement in sale
FCS takes no part in the transaction of sales of items advertised. All inquiries relating to the sale transaction should be directed to the Selling Agent, Dealer or Private Seller.

Right to use photos
FCS reserves the right to use photographs and company logos for site promotion.

Right to reject
FCS has the right to reject or refuse advertising on any grounds.

False or misleading ads or ads contravening the Trade Practices Act will not be tolerated and no responsibility taken for losses incurred as a result.

Errors or omissions
FCS accepts no responsibility for omissions or inaccuracies or any losses sustained as a result.

Suitability of goods
FCS makes no assessment on quality of goods. Potential purchasers are advised to view items personally and acquire independent professional advice on the suitability of the goods for the intended purpose. Any indication of condition of items is that of the vendor, agent or dealer and FCS accepts no responsibility for such comments.

Private and Dealer sales items must conform to the general guidelines of FCS described above. Items must include a price and a photograph.

In accordance with regulations all prices should be shown to include GST.

Potential purchasers should be aware of OHWS regulations in force and affecting the purchase and sale of goods. FCS is an advertiser of goods for sale. We do not take part in purchase/sale transactions and as such we accept no responsibility for non-compliance and encourage intending purchasers to familiarise themselves with the regulations governing such transactions.

Should advise FCS if advertised items have been sold. FCS accepts no responsibility for any losses resulting from items remaining advertised after a sale has been made.

Advertising Periods
FCS aim to advertise all goods for up to 12 months. FCS accept no responsibility for any failures in this regard. FCS reserve the right to change advertising periods at anytime without notice.

Company logos
Company logos appearing on farmclearingsales.com.au do not necessarily imply support or recommendation of or by, that company. Company logos can remain on farmclearingsales.com.au without current auction activity.